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I want to tell you a story about how I accidentally locked myself in my house.
That day I was at home with my brother. It was a Thursday morning and our parents were on vacation for two weeks. That year, my brother and I did not go with them because of our busy schedules. I go to a regular government school and my brother goes to university. We have a house that is right in the center. My brother and I live not too far from our schools. We ride our bikes there every day, except when it's raining or windy. That Thursday morning, my brother had to ride his bike to the university and I took the bus. I wasn't feeling well that day, so I decided to take the bus. My brother knew about it too.
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But before I went to school, I wanted to get something from the garage. I was looking for my black boots. It had gotten colder and I had put them away because of the change of season. I had put them in a box that I remembered, but I wasn't sure where. After looking for them for about 20 minutes, I finally found them. However, when I got to the fire door, I found that the door was locked. I started to panic. I looked at my watch and knew that my brother had already left.
Suddenly, my brother decided to close the door before going to the university. He assumed that I would be upstairs getting ready for school, so he didn't bother to check if anyone was in the garage.
While I was in the garage, I thought about how to get out of there. First of all, I didn't have my cell phone with me. So calling someone for help would not work. Second, I tried yelling for help, but I got no response. Probably everyone was busy getting ready for work or school in the morning and didn't even pay attention to what was going on out there.
Second, I tried to call for help, but I didn't get an answer. Probably everyone was busy getting ready for morning work or school and not even paying attention to what was going on outside.
After sitting in the garage for an hour, I suddenly remembered that I had left my old phone there. The only problem was finding my charging cord. I looked everywhere: under the cabinets, above the cabinets, in all the drawers, under the car, etc. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found.
Then, from a distance, I saw some black wires on the top of some boxes. My charging cable was also in between them. Obviously, I had not inspected the boxes thoroughly. I quickly charged my cell phone. After a few minutes, it was charged and ready to go.

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